fbpx An adventure in the forest
Passerelle aérienne

Deep in the heart of the forest, this unique course module is made up of monkey bars, climbing nets, foot bridges and swings. Combining “natural beauty of the landscape” and “thrills”, this mega-zip line and forest tree-top trail, located in Montérégie, will satisfy the most daring.

Passerelle aérienne

The module shown here is called “The Caterpillar”. The user has to engage the obstacle by crouching down and use a climbing net to get up and inside a 31-inch diameter tube made in our workshops.

Assemblage passerelle
Credit Michel Neron
Installation passerelle
Credit Michel Neron

Each of the six (6) segments of the curved structure is made of steel, protected against rust with a baked-on paint finish and then covered by a net and held in suspension by safety cables. Equipped with harnesses and lifelines, participants push their limits, in complete safety, through this course.

Soudage passerelle
Credit Michel Neron
SE Fabrication celebrates International Jazz Day
A scene from Needles and Opium

For International Jazz Day in free-style!Whether it’s Blues, Funk, Fusion, Dixie, Rap, Rock, Afro-Cuban, Modal, Neo-Bop or Latin!
Whether from Quebec, Cuba, New York, New Orleans, Cape Town, England!
Whether they are Oscar Peterson, Oliver Jones, Lorraine Desmarais, UZEB, Karen Young or Ranee Lee, Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis, Pat Metheney, Chet Baker, Humphrey Lyttelton or Georges Benson
On all beats, all instruments, all cultures combined,
LET’S CELEBRATE International Jazz Day!
Let’s dance!

View the project

Aiguilles et l’Opium, written and directed Robert Lepage
Photo credit : Nicola-F Vachon

A tiny structural jewel sits below a massive structure

Our crew was able to mobilize very quickly at the client’s request to fabricate the streel structure for a small building located in Longueuil under the Jacques Cartier bridge.

The steel structure of a tiny building
The steel structure of this small building was fabricated by SE Fabrication

Our client’s mandate was to demolish the existing STM building and to re-build a new structure on the existing concrete slab.
SE Fabrication was asked to build and paint the complete structure with a timeline of 7 days. Our team of CWB certified welders were put to the task to meet the deadline while respecting the need for precision workmanship. The project was delivered on time to the clients complete satisfaction.

This tiny jewel of a building sits below the massive structure of the Jacques cartier bridge
The building with its closed walls prior to cladding
CWB welders delivery precision work
Precision workmanship by the team of CWB certified welders
Complex structural beams
Fabrication of complex shaped structural components
SE Fabrication celebrates World Theatre Day
Don Juan sculpture world theatre day
A bronze sculpture for Don Juan, a musical by Félix Gray, directed by Gilles Maheu

For more than a year, the curtain has fallen on stages everywhere.
The actors, acrobats and musicians put away their costumes.
Backstage became eerily quiet.
The audience was confined to their homes.

But TODAY, on World Theatre Day, we, the structural and mechanical designers, the draftspersons, the engineers and the inventive, the shop artisans and magicians of metal, we cry out loud and clear, “CREATORS, SCENOGRAPHERS, PRODUCERS, ARTISTS we miss you! We will return to our dreams, our projects and our artistic visions!”

Places, everyone!


S.E. Fabrications’ sub-contracting division for steel and aluminium structures for the construction and industrial sectors has recently completed the fabrication of the structure for a residential project. We fabricated, painted, and delivered 90 000 lbs of steel for this client.

A spectacular setting for a precision-built structure.
The structure in our shop prior to delivery

For over 25 years we have proven our expertise in the design and fabrication of steel and aluminium structures for scenery and machinery for the field of live entertainment and television.

Now offering sub-contracting

Due to the current situation, we have diversified our services and we now offer sub-contracting for projects in the construction and manufacturing sectors. A new division has been created to address the specific needs of these types of projects.

What do we have to offer? Our work ethic and techniques developed over the years in the entertainment field such as:

We offer a 60,000 sq. ft. facility that includes a full carpentry shop and are certified CWB 47.1 for steel and CWB 47.2 for aluminum.

Our 60,000 sq. ft. shop
The day rises on a new sub-contracting project

Our vast experience allows us to offer services for cutting, assembling, welding and painting including the on-time delivery of the finished product. Contact us today for your next sub-contracting project for building structures as well as ornamental work or for subcomponents of your manufactured product.

SHOGO goes Hip Hop!

The Canadian Hip Hop Championships were held Sunday June 5, 2016 at Le Château Royal in Laval and the organizers of the event used a mobile stage and a platform from our SHOGO family of products for the occasion.

The 50′ X 30′ stage with a height of 54 inches with stairs at both ends and the 10′ X 20′ platform 72 inches high were both rented for the day of the event only. The short-term nature of the event proved to be a challenge which we met head on by installing the equipment in the morning before the 14:00 competition start and to take everything down at 23:00 at the end of the competition.

Installing the 50 x 30 mobile stage

Installing the 50 x 30 mobile stage

15 X 20 Platform built with mobile stage structure

10 X 20 Platform for judges

15 X 20 Platform at the back of the room for judges

10 X 20 Platform at the back of the room for judges

The elevated platform at the back of the 1200 seat room allowed the judges of the competition to have an unobstructed view of the mobile stage and a better overview of each team’s performance.

The two structures were built using our interior mobile stage structure and our standard 5′ X 5′ stage panels including our accessories such as stairs and guard rails. The installation took a little less than 6 hours with a crew of 4 which represents more than 50% savings on installation costs comapred to conventional stage structures.

This project is a great example of all the flexibility and efficiency our customers get when they rent or buy our SHOGO products!

Whether for an event with an international scope such as the Panamerican Games held in Toronto last year or a small local one-day event, SHOGO is the solution you need!

Our SHOGO products are available for sale or rental, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

The latest innovation in staging equipment… meet SHOGO!

Scène Éthique is proud to introduce the latest staging innovation, our SHOGO family of products! Famed for two decades of challenging collaborations with the most imaginative set designers over the world, we’re now on a mission to make accessible the finest mobile staging units featuring our patented OST technology.

Mobile stage on wheels

SHOGO is reliable, affordable, and show-ready with just 4-hands!

Rock solid, ready to roll. Interior or exterior, whatever the dimensions, SHOGO has you covered. This robust stage that rolls deploys like an accordion on which you just have to lay in the 5’ X 5’ panels and it’s show-ready in a fraction of the time compared to conventional stages. For the exterior, SHOGO also adapts to all types of terrain with the same ease, sturdiness and reliability. The SHOGO products are available now for rent or for sale and support a full set of accessories including traps, ramps, guardrails, stairs, etc. Contact us for more information or come and see us during EXPO-SCENE May 2nd and 3rd 2016 at Montreal’s Palais des Congrès where the SHOGO products will be on display. Scène Éthique will welcome you in booth 340.

Interior stage structure for sale or rental

Interior stage structure easily deployed and ready for deck panels.

Installation of stage deck panels for mobile stage

Installation of stage deck panels for mobile stage

An award for the Cartier Street lampshades!

Evey year the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) awards prizes for lighting design projects. The IES Illumination Awards provides a unique opportunity for public recognition of professionalism, ingenuity, and originality in lighting design based upon the individual merit of each entry judged against specific criteria.

Autres, Luminaires rue Cartier, Scène Éthique

The Montreal chapter of the IES recently awarded its “Lumière” prizes and the Cartier Street lampshades project is one of the 2015 laureates.

The lampshades were designed by François Roupinian from Lightemotion and we designed and fabricated the supporting structures. We also installed the works of art on Cartier Street in Quebec City. Click here to see all of the 2015 Lumière awards recipients.

Toronto 2015 PanAm Games

Here at Scène Éthique we are having one of our busiest summers in history!  After delivering the roof of Place Nikitotek in Sherbrooke earlier this summer, we are now heavily involved in the Toronto 2015 PanAm Games being held from July 10 to July 26 2015.

All Games have their flame

Last September, we were mandated by FCT Flames International, an Australian company, to design and build the cauldron where the Games flame burns since the opening ceremonies on July 10. This structure in the form of a giant pine cone is made up of multicolored petals each representing one of the sports competition during these Games. A small replica of the cauldron was also built to be used in the stadium during the different ceremonies and throughout the Games.

Setup of main stage for the Toronto 2015 Pan American Games

A “truly” multifunctional stage

Our second major contribution to the Toronto 2015 PanAm Games is to provide as a rental the stage for both the opening and closing ceremonies of the Games. This fast deployment modular stage is approximately 12,000 square feet and was assembled in 12 hours in its opening ceremony configuration as designed by Cirque du Soleil producers. After the opening ceremony, the stage was disassembled in less than 6 hours and shipped to a temporary location in Toronto. It will be redeployed for the closing ceremony in a completely different configuration as specified by the producers of that show. Here is a picture of the stage being installed in the stadium before the opening ceremony.

Yes we have been very busy this summer but we love these great projects that allow our team to show its creativity and our know-how!