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Needles and Opium Ex Machina

Scenery, Mechanics

The project’s story

Through highly visual staging, which is as much magic as it is theatre, Robert Lepage revisits, 20 years after its first production, Needles and Opium. Once again close collaboration between Scène Éthique and Ex Machina enabled to shape the artistic vision of set designer Carl Fillion and create a very unique scenography.

Needles and Opium

Our contribution

The Cube

The main scenic element totally dominates the stage, a rotating exploded giant cube on which images are projected on three of its walls. Each wall includes a trap door that opens on 180 degrees and each trap can support a person’s weight when closed and locked. The cube rotation speed is 1 revolution every 45 seconds and an artist can be attached to one of the walls while the cube rotates.


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