fbpx SHOGO goes Hip Hop!

The Canadian Hip Hop Championships were held Sunday June 5, 2016 at Le Château Royal in Laval and the organizers of the event used a mobile stage and a platform from our SHOGO family of products for the occasion.

The 50′ X 30′ stage with a height of 54 inches with stairs at both ends and the 10′ X 20′ platform 72 inches high were both rented for the day of the event only. The short-term nature of the event proved to be a challenge which we met head on by installing the equipment in the morning before the 14:00 competition start and to take everything down at 23:00 at the end of the competition.

Installing the 50 x 30 mobile stage

Installing the 50 x 30 mobile stage

15 X 20 Platform built with mobile stage structure

10 X 20 Platform for judges

15 X 20 Platform at the back of the room for judges

10 X 20 Platform at the back of the room for judges

The elevated platform at the back of the 1200 seat room allowed the judges of the competition to have an unobstructed view of the mobile stage and a better overview of each team’s performance.

The two structures were built using our interior mobile stage structure and our standard 5′ X 5′ stage panels including our accessories such as stairs and guard rails. The installation took a little less than 6 hours with a crew of 4 which represents more than 50% savings on installation costs comapred to conventional stage structures.

This project is a great example of all the flexibility and efficiency our customers get when they rent or buy our SHOGO products!

Whether for an event with an international scope such as the Panamerican Games held in Toronto last year or a small local one-day event, SHOGO is the solution you need!

Our SHOGO products are available for sale or rental, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.