Stages Rental

Whether you are organizing a festival or a local event, we can provide you with turntables of different sizes, as well as highly secure panel decks and stage structures. Our staging equipment is ideal for any event that requires fast and easy load-in and load-out.

Stage Rental

For small installations or full-scale events, we rent stages that can be set up and taken down in hours with a very small crew. Our patented stage system is perfect for single or multi-level stages or platforms that require increased stability.

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  • 5’ X 5’ Deck panels (other dimensions are also available)
  • Rectangular and curved panels on demand
  • Certified load capacity of up to 125 lbs per square foot for a 5’ X 5’ configuration with only four legs
  • Point load capacity of up to 1,500 lbs on a 2” diameter surface with a deflection of ¼”
  • Panels are fabricated using aluminum extrusions with a ¾” painted plywood surface (other finishes are available)
  • The structure is on wheels and is adjustable for a stage height varying from 36” to 84”
  • Panels can be transported stacked horizontally or vertically face to face on a rack
  • The structure folds up on itself for reduced storage and transport space
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Turntable rental

Due to the simplicity of their set-up and their exceptional robustness, the Scène Éthique turntables are very well suited for touring and for rentals. The Scène Éthique turntables can be controlled either by a simple drive or via a Motion Show Control system. The quality of its design allows for set-ups by two technicians in less than 45 minutes.

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  • Model 1620 – from 16’ to 20’ diameter (4,9m to 6,1m)
  • Model 2024 – from 20’ to 24’ diameter (6,1 to 7,3m)
  • Many floor finishes are available: painted plywood (with or without varnish), plastic laminate (various options) athletic or dance floor, carpet or decorative linoleum
  • Rigid or soft skirting / fixed or rotating
  • Pneumatic brakes are available when dynamic movements are performed on the turntable
  • A.C. power outlets: from 2 to 4 – 100 VAC or 220 VAC outlets are available in a floor packet located in the center of the turntable deck fed via a slip ring
  • The height of the turntables can be adjusted from 15 3/8” to 17 3/8”
  • Transportation carts are available
  • Download spec sheet