Telescopic Seating Risers

Our telescopic seating risers are fully customizable for straight or curved designs. They are fabricated to the highest standards required for live performance venues.

Custom fabrication of telescopic seating risers

Our telescopic seating risers are custom fabricated to meet your exact specifications. With or without integrated seating, we offer several traction system options and a wide variety of finishes and accessories.

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  • Steel structure.
  • Sections with an access staircase and railings of many designs.
  • Number of sections and rows can vary and be in different configurations.
  • Opening and closing system controlled by an industrial gear motor.
  • Control panel with remote allows operation from a distance.
  • Several options of floor covering for the steps and risers are available.
  • Underside of risers can be coated in intumescent paint.
  • Different lighting options are available for the illumination of the stairs .
  • Models with or without fixed seating. Different type of seats and finish are offered.
  • Installation team and maintenance service available to the customer.
  • Training given to operational and maintenance staff
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