Grandstands and seats

Our grandstands and seating are designed with one thing in mind: the safety and comfort of the public. Our product adapts to all types of environments whether indoor or outdoor, temporary or permanent installations.

Grandstands rental

Like our stages, the grandstands and seating can be assembled and unassembled within hours using just a few tools and sets of hands. Chairs can also be easily added using a patented attachment system that will transform the grandstand into the safest, most comfortable, efficient solution on the market.

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  • Full grandstand section – 9 rows
  • Variations of partial sections : 3 rows low configuration, 6 rows low configuration, 6 rows high configuration
  • Choice of bench or individual seats
  • Indoor or outdoor
  • Steel structure
  • Width of rows 5’
  • Possibility to add additional rows
  • Standard structure weight 770 lbs
  • Panel weight 100 lbs each
  • Panel underside treated with intumescent paint
  • Patented attachment system
  • Download spec sheet

Deployable grandstand rental

With a setup and tear down time of less than 30 minutes, our deployable grandstands are perfect for a one-time event or for touring. Safe and robust, our deployable grandstand is certified by the Canadian Department of Transport for use on public roads.

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  • The standard configuration comfortably seats 125 adults
  • Fully certified by a licensed engineer
  • Needs only a standard pickup truck for towing
  • The trailer tongue can be positioned on each side of the grandstand (upon special request) to adapt to the positioning requirements of the terrain
  • Uneven terrain with a difference of up to 16” difference can be accommodated
  • Total weight of trailer 7 500 lbs
  • Can be set-up by one operator
  • Deployment, adjustment and levelling in 25 minutes
  • Download spec sheet

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