Mechanical elements

Scène Éthique can design any mechanical element integrated in a stage or as a principal element. Whether it be a turntable, an elevator, mechanized traps or other, the design team will answer to the production demands with a performing and secure equipment.

Traps, tracks and integrated rolling floor

According to the scenography of the show, we can integrate many types of traps in the stage: opening from the top, from underneath or sliding traps, We can also integrate tracks for guiding large acrobatic equipment or decor elements, tracks with motorized carts or not can be added to the stage structure or the turntable structure. A conveyor like floor or a rolling cover to unveil an acrobatic element such as a trampoline can be designed with the stage structure.

Stage lifts

Stage lifts are often an essential component of the scenographer’s plan to create dramatic effects. We design and integrate custom stage lifts adapted specifically to the requirements of each production.

Rolling floor


We have designed and built turntables of different diameters that can be integrated in the structure of stages. These turntables offers multiple leveling points that can be adjusted with precision giving you a perfectly horizontal rolling track which ensures safe, smooth, bump free, operation for the performers.

Mechanized scenic elements

For many projects, we have designed and fabricated mechanical elements that were integrated in the scenography. The mechanical hand developed for Cirque du Soleil’s Kurios production is a good example. This element was designed so that it could be easily manipulated on stage by technicians or artists inside the mechanism using pedals and handles.



This stage is made of two concentric turntables with the central platform riding on rails to simulate a wave.

"The Hand" from Kurios

Developed for Cirque du Soleil’ s Kurios production, « the hand » was designed to be easily manipulated by the artists and technicians with pedals and handles.

The Ring Cycle

The Ring Cycle "Machine"

This unique stage infrastructure can transform itself to give life to the different acts of this famous Wagner opera revisited by Robert Lepage.

Projects with mechanical elements