Grandstands and seats

Our grandstands and chairs are designed with one thing in mind: the safety and comfort of the public. As with our stages, our grandstands and chairs can be setup and taken down in a few hours with almost no tools and small teams.

Exterior and interior grandstands

Equipment built by Scène Éthique meets and exceeds all international codes and is extremely rugged, fulfilling your obligation to provide the best security possible.

Our grandstands travel internationally and meet the stringent TÜV certification. They also meet or exceed all building code requirements and are designed to meet all ADA requirement.

Deployable Grandstands

The deployable bleacher is the ideal solution for the rapid installation of elegant and fully rated bleachers for public sporting and cultural events. The robust galvanized steel construction of the bleacher ensures the long life of the equipment and the accrued safety of the public.

Interior grandstands

Interior grandstands

Installation of interior grandstands and seats for a show in a building.

Deployable grandstands

Deployable grandstands

Standard 9 row deployable grandstand designed, fabricated and patented by Scène Éthique.

Installation of grandstands in a big top

Projects with grandstands